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This daisy pottery flower vase is hand thrown on Betty my pottery wheel in my log cabin studio in Somerset. It's larger than my usual vases and it's decorated with ox eye daisy's all around the vase. You can display the vase in different ways to show the daisy's are various angles as shown in the photos.


The daisy's are hand painted and then the vase is finished in my sage green glaze and white glaze over to create a beautiful effect at the top of the vase.Fill with flowers and cup this beauty in both hands to feel the texture of the stoneware clay and the throwing rings from the pottery wheel.


The perfect gift for wild flower lovers this pottery vase evokes the beauty of wild flowers in Summer.
I make each piece on my pottery wheel in my Somerset studio making each piece unique and individual. I care deeply about our beautiful planet your vase will be packaged entirely from recycled paper and cardboard and can be recycled too.

Approx 15.5cm tall by 10cm wide at the base.

Ox Eye Daisy Pottery Flower Vase

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